Every four years cyclists from all over the world come to France for the legendary Paris-Brest-Paris bicycle marathon. They have to ride 1230 km in no more than under 90 hours. A grueling fight against hills, cold and exhaustion. BREVET is the movie about this fight.









The debutant

Michael Kopmann

Michael (36) completed three Ironman Thriathlons. For the last two years the engineer has focused on long distance bicycle riding. 600 km at a stretch has been his maximum. At Paris-Brest-Paris he wants to go beyond his personal limits.

The ambitious

Sina Witte

Sina (37) has lived in Paris for ten years. She participated in Paris-Brest-Paris once before in 2011. She was the fifth-fastest woman then, with a time of 68.5 hours. This time she wants to be even faster – on a steel bike which is the same age as her.

The old hand

Claus Czycholl

Claus (72) is a legend in the German randonneur scene. 24 years ago, in 1991, he was one of only two German starters at Paris-Brest-Paris. Ever since he hasn´t missed a single race. It is his 7th start at PBP and he is determined that it will be his 7th finish..